We manufacture vinyl.

XVINYLX is a sister project of people who do Damage Done Records. Originally founded together with a group of friendly labels to provide more reliable services from our manufacturers. Later grown to be a separate company. Since the factories we work with do not do just vinyl..

We can also do CDs, DVDs, posters, stickers, flyers,

all sorts of packaging and almost anything related to music and printed media. Since vinyl record is a re-discovered future of music media and has always been our main interest, lets have a few words about vinyl.

We do color, shaped and picture vinyls

But it can also be black and round, just as it always used to be. The minimum amount for single pressing is 100 copies, and..

We can do limited editions

accompanying the main press (100+ pieces) for a flat rate fee. If you wanted a DIY sleeve or had a good deal with a printing factory, we can have done just vinyl for you. We reside in Prague, Czech Republic and..

We ship anywhere in the world.

But if you, your band, your friend or your courier had a way through Prague, you can pick up your records here, free of charge. We also organize shows here and there, so chances are you might have a way around.

We are VAT payers

and can assist you with VAT deduction for goods shipped outside EU. If you were not experienced in DTP print-setup..

We can help you prepare your DTP materials

and prevent any mistake or extra fees if factory employes would have to do those.

Web / Contact

Visit our website for more info www.xvinylx.com To get a quote, write us at: