Manufacturing with XVinylX

Before placing an order you will need to receive a valid(*) quote from our customer service.

To receive a quote you can either email us your order specification, or use Vinyl record in 12 steps webform, which will guide you thourgh basic options of vinyl manufacturing and will send your quote-request automatically.

CD, DVD, printed media and other orders always need to be specified in email.

Our customer service will send you appropriate artwork templates based upon your order specification.

(*) -- all quotes older than two months must be re-validated by email

After you confirming a valid quote, we will need your:

- invoice address (and VAT number, if applicable, must validate on VIES)
- shipping address(es) + phone contact(s)

...and the catalogue information of the order:

- catalogue number (mandatory for order identification, must be in form of "ABC001")
- name of the band
- name of the album
- playing speed (33 or 45 RPM, vinyl only)
- tracklist with song names and playing times for each track
- filled and signed copy/scan of mechanical rights document

...and audio / artwork files or source media.

Safest and most preffered data transfer for your audio and artwork is using FTP. Please contact us to receive an FTP account on server.

All artwork data will be processed by our DTP and we require your email approval on processed files before submitting them to print. You will receive an order tracking link with estimated dispatch date about 5-7 workdays after confirming the order / data.


Vinyl record in 12 steps (get a quote online):

How to submit audio:

How to submit artwork: