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XVINYLX download page is located at:


If you have a download card for the record you bought, please enter the code there and you will be able to download the digital content.

Ordering download cards

Digital download is a service we offer to give end customers a way to download digital content (mp3, artwork, etc. of the vinyl record they just bought). Download is hosted on our servers and works using a single-pass or multi-pass code. If you want download cards with your release, let us know during your order.

Embedding download on your webpage

If you want the download functionality embedded on your own webpage, insert this code into your HTML:

<iframe src="http://xvinylx.com/download/iframe" frameborder="no" height="180"></iframe>

With <iframe> inserted, download will be available on your website and xvinylx.com/download will remain as an alternative download location.

Please make sure your website provider does not block usage of the <iframe> tag.