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Artwork is a collection of data for anything that will get printed during manufacturing.

These are the basic guidelines when creating artwork:

  • If you know how to do this, artwork should be a distilled .pdf
  • Use CMYK color model (do not use RGB)
  • You need to use templates we give you!
  • Make at least 3mm bleed on the edges
  • Keep guiding line in a separate layer as fifth color (C,M,Y,K) or another color (PMS)
  • Do NOT use transparency (blend it in)
  • Any vector graphics should remain vector
  • Fonts smaller than 5pts can't be guaranteed to be printed readable
  • Images should be 300dpi
  • Do not place written text too close to edges
  • Send us image with final result (.jpeg, .png, .tiff)
  • Send us the source files (.psd, .xcf), if you have them
  • Send us the all font files used, if you have them