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Record size

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Transparent 10" with black splatter

Record size refers to the vinyl record's diameter dimension. Standard sizes are measured in inches ["] and they are:

  • 12" (LP)
  • 10"
  • 7" (EP, single)

Other diameters are available as a simple shape disc. When ordering, please avoid speaking about your record as LP/EP/single and describe it as 12"/10"/7".

12" vinyl record

12" (twelve inch) records are available as:

Black heavyweight record is supposed to be the highest quality sounding vinyl, but most attention has to be payed to vinyl master guidelines and recommended playing times to achieve the highest quality sounding record.

10" vinyl record

10" (ten inch) records are available as standard weight only and are available in black, single color, splatter, haze, aside/bside, double split, tripple split, picture disc and special color pattern.

7" vinyl record

7" (seven inch) records are available as:

Other record dimensions

Other diameters and record shapes are available as a shape disc