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Value Added Tax

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Value Added Tax (VAT) is a state tax system common in Europe in both EU member states and others. It applies to all goods manufactured and all goods imported. Companies who are required to declare VAT reports towards the state are called VAT-payers, others are still subject to VAT but might not be required to fill out VAT reports and are not eligible for VAT refunds.

xVinylx is represented by a VAT-payer company Damage Done s.r.o. and our VAT number is:


If you order manufacturing through us, there are three possible options:

  • Your company is registered in an EU member state, and you are not a VAT-payer (or you are a private customer within EU)
  • Your company is registered in an EU member state, and you are a VAT-payer
  • Your company is registered outside EU (or you are a private customer outside EU)

Read the description below to understand what price (inclusive or exclusive VAT) we charge you and why.

Customers from EU, not VAT payers

You will pay the price including VAT.

Customers from EU, VAT payers

This means you must have a company with a valid VAT number! You can check that here: VAT number validation

You will pay the price exclusive VAT.

You are required to pay it during tax declaration in a state where your company is registered.

We are required by law to check if your VAT identification number is valid.

Customers outside EU

You will pay the price exclusive VAT.

You will have to pay your state-tax or VAT during import before the goods is delivered to you. Import duties might also be charged (this will depend on your country's import laws).

Customs office are allowed to open&inspect the shipment and deal with it according to the recipient's state laws.

Note: Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia have their own VAT. Some US states have import state-tax.

See also

Wikipedia article with in-depth explanation of how value added tax system works: