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<gallery widths="190px" heights="190px" perrow="4">
<gallery widths="190px" heights="190px" perrow="4">
File:201210 ca87cc88da 1.jpg|<br/>Side&nbsp;A
File:201210 ca87cc88da 1.jpg|Black with Red&nbsp;(transp.) splatter<br/>Side&nbsp;A
File:201210 ca87cc88da 2.jpg|<br/>Side&nbsp;B
File:201210 ca87cc88da 2.jpg|Black with Red&nbsp;(transp.) splatter<br/>Side&nbsp;B

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3-color Aside/Bside

3-color segments (3-color pieslice)

3-color stripes

Aside/Bside (two opaque colors)

Aside/Bside (two transparent colors)

Color-in-color (opaque in transparent)

Color-in-color (transparent in transparent)

Color-in-color with splatter


Glow in the dark (glow: red, green, blue)


Half/Half with splatter

Picture disc



Splatter (opaque base with opaque splatter)

Splatter (opaque base with transparent splatter)